Interesting articles about Cuba


Cuban culture in its path more than three centuries, brings us a way to talk and reflect on the Cuban, who comes from José María Heredia and Felix Varela, through Martí, to the powerful and mestizo expression of Nicolas Guillen, our National Poet

Cuba is one of the Caribbean countries with the most heritage assets recognized by UNESCO. More than 20 expressions, manifestations and knowledge constitute the Cultural Heritage of the Nation, some as peculiar as the Tobacco Readings and the Knowledge of the rum masters.

Musiarticulos-sobre-cubc and dance have been declared Cultural Patrimony of the Cuban Nation: the (repentismo), for its indisputable cultural value and for the historical role played by the poets repentistas from the wars of Independence to the present. Son, the most appreciated musical genre, sung and danced throughout history. The rumba as one of the most genuine dance and community music expressions of Cuban national culture, which has become part of a popular conscience, a way of life, a social behavior, a way of dressing, of speaking, of communicating. El danzón, a dignified expression of traditional Cuban music and an outstanding element of the nation’s intangible cultural heritage.

Cuba is a beautiful island. His people are warm and friendly. It has a culture, customs and history very peculiar. On this page we show you the best and most interesting articles about Cuba.

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