Viñales the most beautiful valley in Cuba

vinalesViñales is the most beautiful valley in Cuba and this affirmation is not free promotional formula, it is affirmed by the beautiful and nourished nature that surrounds and covers this geographical formation. Located in the central north part of the province of Pinar del Río; the most western of the country, Viñales Park is considered a national monument since 1979.

Inside the valley you can find architectural vestiges of the colonial era fused with a varied and surprising flora and fauna, where forest species stand out like the well-known Palma Cork, a living fossil in the vegetation of the region.

Also, birds as rare as the zunzuncito, the tocororo, the cartacuba,, more than a hundred species of snails, numerous reptiles such as the majá de Santamaría, iguanas, the jutía conga confirm that invaluable heritage of the town

The place has the most beautiful landscapes that the visitor can imagine in his visit to Cuba. The casa particular in Vinales for rent are true mixtures between the rural and the urban. Highly recommended for a stay of several days and to enjoy all its attractions. The private houses in Viñales are modern, perfectly equipped and located in the center of the city, the perfect complement to make a nature tourism.

Tourism is the fundamental economic source of this site and the iconic places for foreign visitors are the Rancho San Vicente, the discotheque in the Viñales Caves, the Mural of Prehistory, Los Jazmines, La Ermita, among others. The tours of its tobacco plantations, famous throughout the world; Sport fishing, hiking are the most attractive activities that take place in the valley and are great attractions for visitors.