What to see and do in Trinidad Cuba in 3 days

que ver hacer en trinidad cuba en 3 dias

Located in the central province of Sancti Spíritus, the formerly known as Villa de la Santísima Trinidad had its origin around 1514, to be placed among the seven first towns founded by the Spaniards in the Cuban archipelago.

The City Museum of Cuba has the privilege of being one of the most beautiful colonial towns of the country and to explore its mysteries we recommend you to be at least 2 or 3 days in the city. In this link you can get accommodation in a casa particular for rent in Trinidad, Cuba.

What to see and do in Trinidad Cuba in 3 days, the best places

The Plaza Mayor


The Plaza Mayor encompasses one of the most complete and best preserved architectural complexes in the Americas. It is the heart of the Trinitarian historical center. Large palm trees shade the carved statues and benches. Around it there is the Church of the Holy Trinity and the Casa de la Trova, the best place to listen and dance traditional Cuban music.


Here you can find many museums, all of great heritage value, among which the Romantic Museum, a jewel of nineteenth-century Trinitarian architecture.

You should also visit the Museum of Colonial Architecture, consisting of an 18th century mansion. There you will see how the houses looked at that time and as a curiosity you will see how it was a bathroom of the nineteenth century, with the toilet in the middle of the room, which earned him the nickname of “the throne”.

Let’s not forget the Museum of Municipal History, National Museum of Fight Against Bandits, Church and Convent of San Francisco, among others, although, in fact, the whole city is a great museum.

Valle de los Ingenios


Valle de los Ingenios is a green scenario full of sugarcane fields. Like the historic center of the city, it has the title World Heritage of UNESCO. It combines three valleys: San Luis, Agabama-Méyer valley, and Santa Rosa.

There are preserved valuable archaeological sites, colonial buildings in perfect condition, highlighting the hacienda houses or employer’s houses, and the facilities of the sugar industry of the time, such as sugar mills, boilers, slave barracks.

If you prefer, the Trinitarian city is also the starting point for excursions. You can spend one of your days walking between mountains and beaches.

Nearby, with less than an hour’s walk, you will find beautiful waterfalls, wonders of nature belonging to the Topes de Collantes Natural Park, in the Sierra del Escambray, such as El Salto de Caburní, El Nicho, Vegas Grandes and others.

This small town is a picturesque place where you can walk to almost any place of interest and where it is a pleasure just to step on its cobblestones, which harbor culture and tradition.

The Canchánchara

During the independence wars of the 19th century, the Cuban fighters created a very native drink made up of honey from honey bees, brandy and lemon called La Canchánchara, and this preparation gives its name to a site in Trinidad, characterized by its preparation.

In its spaces you can enjoy an exhibition of objects typical of the sugar industry from where the cane liquor was obtained, indispensable for its preparation. In addition, live shows of traditional Cuban music, artists from the courtyard and other regions.

Ancón Beach

Ancón Beach has very fine sand and turquoise waters and there are different options for those who like water sports. There is also a gastronomic infrastructure ready to make the stay more pleasant.